Sunday, March 20, 2016

Looking Gorgeous at Your Wedding


We understand that you want to look stunning on the day of your wedding. Everything should simply be perfect. A make-up artist and hair stylist can help you along the way, but obviously you do not want to spoil all of their efforts by putting on a pair of clumsy glasses, especially if you want to ensure that your wedding photos are free from glare and flash reflections.

If you suffer from an eye condition, such as astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness, and usually wear glasses, you probably should consider the possibility of changing to contact lenses, at least for your wedding day. Remember though that it is important that you plan for this well ahead of time.

Being organized is essential while planning a wedding. Contact lenses is no exception and it will not only take you some time obtaining the lenses themselves, you will also have to get used to wearing them, something that is a gradual process.

Getting a prescription for your lenses is mandatory so make sure that you include a meeting with an optician in your wedding checklist. Your prescription will have to state at least size, optical power and type of contact lens.

Visiting an optician is not only important in order to get a prescription, with the right size and strength; you will also learn how to handle and care for the lenses. This is a good thing to know as you do not want to struggle with this on your wedding day.

Some guidelines to follow:
  • Insert your lenses before you apply any make-up as you do not want any infections or red eyes.
  • Make sure that you, and your make-up artist, only use quality cosmetics that are hypoallergenic.
  • Try to use powder instead of cream for your eyes as it is much easier to remove if it was to get in contact with the lenses.
  • Make sure that you only use pencils of the highest quality and that it never touches the contacts.
  • Close your eyes while applying powder - you do not want any of that powder getting to your eyes.
  • Remember to close your eyes if you are going to use hairspray. Otherwise your eyes might get red and irritated.
Also, keep a travel kit, with a pair of extra lenses, close to you if anything should happen. It could be somewhat tiring wearing contacts for an entire day, if you are not used to it, so bringing your glasses might also be a good idea. You can put them on after the ceremony or reception, when you are relaxing with your friends